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Our Work

She Unit Uganda reaches out to young women, 15-30 years of age who did not get a chance to go to school and school dropouts and are living in absolute poverty by providing them with free skills.  The trainings includes hair dressing, makeup, pedicure and manicure, beauticians can easily find work in Uganda if they are properly trained.

We have provided training in making of liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner through our outreach programs and the beneficiaries are able to engage in entrepreneurship by selling the products they do make.

Our organization depends on donations and grants since all our trainings are free of charge to all our beneficiaries.


In a period of three years, we have reached out to  more than 300 young women, who after going through our trainings, got certified and are now gainfully employed, the beneficiaries work in beauty salons, from home or engage in mobile salons and are earning a decent income.

By empowering young women, we have changed not only their lives but also the lives the indirect beneficiaries who are the dependants of the beneficiaries and these mostly include children.

Kampala Program

Serves over 25 students.

Providing a 4-month course in:

  - Hair Dressing

  - Make-up

  - Nails

  - Producing Shampoo,                    Conditioner, and Soaps

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