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Who We Are

Our organization is a non profit organization, we empower women who didn't get a chance to go to school, single and young mothers. There's really so much struggling among women who didn't go to school or dropped out. They face a lot of challenges and poverty is one. She Unit Uganda reaches out to those people and trains them with skills in hairdressing, make-up, nails and also making shampoo, conditioner and liquid soap.

These trainings are free of charge.

Our target is to give to those who couldn't afford education and living in poverty, we believe that by doing so, we are lifting the women. Some of which have been able to get jobs where they're now earning a living and their lives have changed.

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I came to realize that everyone can, given a chance.

Namusaazi Christine

Our Goals

Self sustenance: Through our projects, we want marginalized women become sustainable and are able to acquire the basic needs of life, improve their standards of living without fail. This can only be achieved by supporting them to grow economically.

Self esteem:  People living in absolute poverty, more especially women, due to that impact, they have failed to express themselves or air out their needs, by improving their economic growth to lift them out of poverty, which is actually achieved by providing them with skills that creates employment opportunities and earning a descent income, we are giving them the self esteem required to thrive.

Freedom:  Most of the women are not free and are subject to domestic violence, sexual harassment among others, but still they cannot make a cannot choose to walk away from their oppressors since they depend on them, you cannot seek from people who oppress you but feed you, our intervention provides these women with the ability to walk away from their all forms of mistreatment by first, helping them become financially independent.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Creating financially independent women

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Our Vision

We envision a society where all women can sustain themselves, have self esteem and freedom.

We Need Your Support Today!

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